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Activity book - Change the future of migration

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    World Food Day 2017 - Activity book
    Change the future of migration: Invest in food security and rural development
    Why are people migrating and how can we give them the choice to stay at home, if it’s safe to do so? The World Food Day 2017 Activity Book has packed some creative answers to these questions in a series of suitcases illustrated by Lorenzo Terranera. Suitcases open to reveal solutions to migration challenges, showing how the global goal to reach Zero Hunger can address many of the reasons that cause people to migrate. Learn how you can become part of the Zero Hunger Generation!
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    Brochure, flyer, fact-sheet
    Rural Migration: Contributing to food security and climate adaptation 2023
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    The deterioration of rural livelihoods is driving millions of people to migrate from rural areas, especially within their own countries. The challenge is how to make migration a choice and to maximize its benefits, as migration presents both challenges and opportunities. Rural areas may suffer from the loss of workforce, with risks for people who stay behind – especially women and children. Waves of reverse migration, like the one triggered by COVID-19, showed the struggle rural communities face in reintegrating migrants returning home. FAO addresses the root causes of migration and maximizes its benefits by creating alternatives to migration and providing training on agribusiness and climate-smart agriculture for prospective and returning migrants – in areas prone to food insecurity and climate-induced migration.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    Activity Book - Right to foods 2024
    The right to foods states that we should all have access to nutritious food in order to grow and live an active life. Some food choices depend on preferences, culture, time available or culinary skills; However, there are two very important factors that help many people decide what to eat: cost and easy availability. Read this year's World Food Day Activity Book to discover the importance of food as a fundamental human right, healthy diets, the global challenges impacting our food systems and the solutions that depend on our actions. Regardless of our age, we can all learn how our choices can benefit a world where everyone has enough nutritious and safe food, leaving no one behind.

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