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Good governance in land tenure and administration

FAO Land Tenure Studies 9

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    Book (stand-alone)
    粮农组织土地权属研究 9
    This guide is written for people who work in land administration and all those with an interest in land, land tenure and their governance. Although much has been written about the importance of good governance in achieving development goals, there is comparatively little material on good governance in land tenure and administration. Failings in governance have adverse consequences for society as a whole. By contrast, good governance can help achieve economic development and the reduc tion of poverty. Good governance matters.
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    Good Governance and Natural Resource Tenure in the Caribbean Subregion
    Land Tenure Working Paper 17
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    This publication looks at the land governance situation in the Caribbean subregion. This working paper was done in light of FAO’s Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and other Natural Resources. Caribbean countries in general have key issues affecting land and natural resources tenure. This study identifies and assesses these issues and provides examples of good governance in the region.
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    Book (series)
    Good Governance in Land Administration
    Principles and good practices
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    This joint FAO-World Bank publication aims to draw attention to the negative impacts of weak governance in land administration and to point out the manifold benefits of good governance in the protection of property rights and the development of efficient land and property markets. It provides positive examples of good practices from around the world, as well as an overview of principles and key questions to be applied in any country for the evaluation of governance in land administration.

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