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Plan de acción para el sector forestal en el marco de la economí­a verde

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    The forest sector in the green economy in Africa
    Nature & Faune Vol. 26, Issue 1
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    With its special focus on “The forest sector in the green economy in Africa”, this issue shows many ways in which the forestry and natural resource sectors can contribute to the needs of the green economy in Africa. A green economy is defined as one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. The Global Citizens Center, led by Kevin Danaher, defines green economy as a global aggregate of individual comm unities meeting the needs of its citizens through the responsible, local production and exchange of goods and services. The present edition highlights the significance of the forestry sector to the overall economy and its importance in general in the region’s land use, demonstrating its potential to make a difference in improving (or worsening) an economy’s green credentials. It is an important message about forestry and greenness. You will discover how forestry helps greenness and w hat challenges it faces in doing this with regard to energy, water, carbon management, biodiversity management and conservation. The articles envisage how forestry will continue to deliver its economic, environmental and social functions in Africa while interacting with other sectors in making the collectivity of sectors to build up a “green” overall economy. Authors contributed articles that show different approaches and actions in integrating sustainability in economic sectors. This edi tion of Nature & Faune marks the end of the International Year of the Forests 2011; however, it emphasizes the need to continue to work together to achieve the transition to a green economy that is a major pathway to promoting sustainable cycles of production and consumption while ensuring the health and integrity of Africa’s ecosystems, and our continued survival and well-being.

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