The State of the World’s Forests 2022 (SOFO 2022) has been prepared by the FAO Forestry Division.

The content of SOFO 2022 derives from published literature, studies commissioned for the purposes of the report, online webinars on relevant topics involving experts worldwide, original data analysis, and expertise and experiences from country-level, regional and global projects undertaken by FAO. The report was prepared by a technical writing team at FAO comprising coordinators, authors and other contributors, and an editor. For each chapter, a coordinator worked with authors and other contributors to ensure continuity within and between chapters and to identify key findings. The overall coordinator liaised with the chapter coordinators, oversaw the writing, editing, review and messaging processes, and provided additional inputs.

An advisory panel led by FAO and consisting of senior managers and experts at diverse institutions guided report development. This panel reviewed the outline of the report (as developed by FAO) and its thematic focus and provided oversight and feedback to the writing team. Some members of the advisory panel also provided formal reviews of the first draft.

The writing team produced a number of interim outputs, including a detailed outline and first and final drafts. The first draft was subject to single-blind review by more than 70 experts drawn from within and beyond FAO. It was also shared with FAO regional and subregional offices for review and further comment, and the draft findings were presented to Members through their Permanent Representations to FAO and resulting comments addressed. The writing team revised the draft in light of these reviews and comments to produce the final draft. Finally, the report underwent executive review and clearance at FAO.

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