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Climate change and other environment related matters


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    Climate Action for Agriculture: Strengthening the Engagement of Agriculture Sectors to Implement the Climate Change Elements of the 2030 Agenda in Asia and the Pacific 2018
    Climate change poses a systemic risk to the achievement of food security in Asia and the Pacific. In acknowledgement of this risk, member countries in the region have highlighted the agriculture and land sectors as key priorities for action under the Paris Agreement (SDG 13) and the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction. Strategic engagement by Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry and Fishery Ministries in these international frameworks will enhance the capacity to finance and scale up measures to strengthen the climate resilience of food and agriculture systems. This paper provides a review of current knowledge on climate change risks to food security in the region and the opportunities and challenges for the agriculture and land sectors to play a more ambitious role in implementing the Paris Agreement and Sendai Framework. It discusses the potential benefits of strong, sector-based action in support of achievement of the SDG targets related to food security, as well as the potential contributions from strategic partnerships involving the private sector, civil society, South-South and triangular cooperation and development partners. The paper cites novel adaptation strategies, such as geographic indications - GI and Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems - GIAHS, that can help farmers increase resilience and provide a buffer against extreme climate events. Member countries are invited to provide guidance on how FAO can best support their efforts to address the needs and priorities of the agriculture sectors under the climate change-related elements of the 2030 Agenda and how FAO, through its Global Strategy and Regional Initiative on Climate Change, can best support member countries to plan and implement sector-specific action to address climate change risks to food security.

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