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Crop Prospects and Food Situation - No.3 July 2008

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    Crop Prospects and Food Situation - No. 2, April 2008 2008
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    World cereal production in 2008 is forecast to increase 2.6 percent to a record 2 164 million tonnes. The bulk of the increase is expected to be in wheat following significant expansion in plantings in major producing countries. Coarse grains output is tentatively forecast to remain around the bumper level of last year. Rice production is foreseen to increase slightly reflecting production incentives in several Asian countries. However, much will depend on climatic conditions in the coming month s...
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    Crop Prospects and Food Situation - No. 1 April 2006 2006
    World cereal production in 2006 is forecast to decline marginally from last year's good level. Wheat output is expected to decrease reflecting smaller crops in the United States and the CIS in Europe, due to adverse weather. Production of coarse grains is tentatively forecast to decline mostly as a result of reduced plantings anticipated in the United States. Rice output may increase as very early prospects are favourable. In Eastern Africa, recent rains eased somewhat drought conditions i n the pastoral areas of the Horn, where 7.9 million people require emergency food aid. In Southern Africa, the 2006 maize crop, being gathered, has recovered from last year's drought-affected harvest in most countries of the subregion. However in South Africa and Angola, production will decline. In North Africa, bumper wheat and barley crops are in prospect. In Asia, the outlook for the 2006 wheat crop, being harvested, has deteriorated in India, but it is positive in other main producers of the region. Emergency assistance in needed in Mongolia and Timore-Leste following a sharply reduced 2005 cereal production. In Latin America and the Caribbean, the 2006 wheat output is anticipated substantially up in Mexico. In South America, maize output is forecast as sharply down in Argentina but production will recover in Brazil. However, rice crop in Brazil is put well below the record level of 2005. In Paraguay, the soybean crop will be again severely reduced by dry weather. A larger 2006 wheat crop is forecast in the EU but production is expected to decline in the United States. In the Russian Federation and Ukraine this year's wheat production is put sharply down due to abnormally cold winter.
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    Crop Prospects and Food Situation - No. 6, December 2007 2007
    Early prospects for the 2008 wheat crop are favourable. With the winter wheat planting virtually complete in the northern hemisphere, latest estimates point to a significant increase in the global wheat area, in response to current high prices and the removal of the compulsory land set-aside for 2008 in the EU, the world’s largest producer. FAO’s latest forecast of the 2007 world cereal production has been revised downwards to 2 101 million tonnes, which is still record and substantially hi gher than last year. Most of the increase is in coarse grains, especially maize in the United States. In the LIFDCs, as a group, 2008 cereal production is forecast to increase only marginally. However, if the largest countries, China and India, are excluded, the aggregate cereal output of the remaining countries is seen to register a significant decline...

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