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Chinese version of FAO. Technical Guidelines on Aquaculture Certification. Rome, FAO. 2011. 39 pp.

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    2006年世界水产养殖状况 2007
    Aquaculture is developing, expanding and intensifying in almost all regions of the world. Increasing global population demand for aquatic food products and it is expected that lion’s share of this future demand will come from aquaculture. This document analyses the past trends that have led the aquaculture sector to its current status and describes its current status globally.
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    Hatchery culture of bivalves - A practical manual (chinese version) 2006
    This manual is a synthesis of current methodologies pertinent to the intensive hatchery culture of bivalve molluscs. It encompasses similarities and differences in approach in rearing clams, oysters and scallops in different climatic zones. All aspects of the culture process are described together with basic considerations in choosing a site for hatchery development and in the design of a suitable facility. The content also includes the post-hatchery handling of larvae in remote setting and also of spat in both land- and sea-based nurseries. It is intended to assist both technicians entering this field as well as entrepreneurs researching investment opportunities in bivalve culture.
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