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Guidelines on organization and operation of training schemes and certification procedures for operators of pesticide application equipment

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    Book (stand-alone)
    Guidelines on procedures for the registration certification and testing of new pesticide application equipment 2001
    The guidelines in this document outline how governments can influence pesticide safety by controlling the quality of new pesticide application equipment manufactures in or imported into a country. They address government officials in plant protection, environmental and other concerned authorities. By incorporating into national legislation a requirement for manufacturers and importers to declare that application equipment meets acceptable, international standards of safety and durability, or to set up national or regional testing and certification procedures, it should be possibble gradually to reduce and ultimately to eliminate substandard application equipment from farms.
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    Guidelines on organization of schemes for testing and certification of agricultural pesticide sprayers in use 2001
    The guidelines in this document are addressing government officials in plant protection, environmental and other concerned authorities. They cover the testing and certification of the sprayers currently applying pesticides on commercial farms. The series addresses an urgent need in many countries to ensure that where pesticides are used in crop production, they are applied through equipment, which is safe and fully functional. The issue applies to aircraft, large, field crop and orchard spraye rs as well as to operator-carried equipment.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    Guidelines on minimum requirements for agricultural pesticide application equipment
    Volume Two : vehicle-mounted and trailed sprayers
    The FAO minimum requirements in this publication are based on existing international, European and national standards and other published references. They also draw on the in-depth knowledge and experience of international sprayer standards of the experts assigned to the project and on the authors’ experience of pesticide application in the developing world. They take into account sprayers that are already on the market, many of which already meet the requirements. The guidelines on minimum req uirements provide a practical aid to assist purchasing and other agencies to avoid buying or approving sprayers with quality and design limitations, which could compromise operator and environmental safety. Member countries should adopt them immediately, to begin to eliminate substandard and unsafe sprayers from national markets and ultimately from the international scene.

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