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34th FAO Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean. Mexico City, Mexico, 29 February - 3 March 2016

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    Book (series)
    The State of Food and Agriculture 1995
    Agricultural trade: entering a new era?
    The theme of food security is prominent throughout this year's edition of The State of Food and Agriculture. Within widely differing situations and developments, the general picture emerging from this report is one of encouraging progress in many areas that directly or indirectly benefit food and agriculture. Indeed, the year 1994-95 has seen a strengthening of world economic recovery after the slowdown of 1990 to 1993; further progress in economic liberalization and reform in many countries; a recovery in international commodity prices that has provided many agricultural exporting economies with the foreign exchange earnings that will, it is hoped, enable them to consolidate the basis for sustained growth. These welcome developments in the global environment, together with a number of important achievements in individual regions and countries, configure what will probably be remembered as a period of opportunity and hope for many countries in the developing world.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    Study on the State of Agriculture in the Caribbean: Annexes
    Opportunities, prospects and gaps
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    Strategic investments in the agriculture sector are a catalyst for sustainable, economic growth and poverty reduction. Through their partnership, the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) have produced this comprehensive study on the State of Agriculture in the Caribbean, drawing upon decades of research on the many drivers of change affecting the CDB’s Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs), including international trade, institutional policies, and climate change. This Annex report is the accomanying document to the main report 'Study on the State of Agriculture in the Caribbean Region'. Both studies follows forty years of structural change in the agriculture sector of BMCs, and can support the development of an updated Agriculture Sector Strategy, by identifying key trends in agriculture in BMCs, and the related opportunities for investments in support of growth, poverty reduction, and sustainability. The Study concludes that agriculture can be an important source for economic growth and a key contributor to poverty reduction, particularly for households that are profiting less from the growth in other sectors. Through the promotion of inclusive and sustainable agricultural development, CDB can play an instrumental role in supporting BMCs in meeting their SDGs targets particularly in relation to socio-economic and environmental challenges, including poverty (SDG1) food and nutrition insecurity (SDG2), obesity (SDG3), youth unemployment (SDG8), resilient infrastructure (SDG9), gender inequality (SDG5), sustainable use of natural resources, and climate change (SDG13).

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