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Politique de lutte contre la fraude et la corruption

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    Policy against fraud and other corrupt practices
    Administrative circular no. 2015/08, 12 March 2015
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    Fraud and other corrupt practices pose a grave threat to the effective implementation of the Organization’s policies and objectives. The Organization is entrusted with significant resources and commensurately significant responsibilities in their proper administration. With the Organization's overriding mandate of ensuring humanity's freedom from hunger, it is imperative that all resources allocated for this purpose, both human and financial, are not diverted from their ultimate goal. The Organi zation is therefore committed to ensuring that its resources are used solely for their intended purposes, that all operations are free from fraud and other corrupt practices, and to being held accountable to donors and beneficiaries for the implementation of its programmes. To this end, the Organization has adopted a zero-tolerance policy in respect of fraud and other corrupt practices in all their manifestations.

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