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Forests and water. European Forestry Commission, 34th session, Rome, Italy. Timber Committee. Meeting of the Parties to the Convention on the Protection and use of Transboundary Watercourses and international lakes. Working group on Integrated Water Resou

Third meeting. Rome, 22–24 October, 2008

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    Brochure, flyer, fact-sheet
    Integrated Programme for Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Urmia Lake Basin, GCP/IRA/066/JPN
    Key achievements
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    The Integrated Programme for Sustainable Water Resources Management in the Urmia Lake Basin brochure presents the key achievements of the project in the Islamic Republic of Iran. This project is a collaboration between FAO and the Urmia Lake Restoration Program (ULRP) with a granted fund of the People of Japan to provide tools for drought management, water accounting, strengthening the capacity development of stakeholders at different scales (from the policy level to the farm level) and contribute to the development of a socio-economic livelihood programme. The project proposed sustainable solutions to alternative income-generating activities while reducing the water consumption in the agriculture sector of the Urmia Lake basin significantly.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    Water Challenge Badge 2013
    Developed in collaboration with United Nations agencies, civil society and other organizations, the United Nations challenge badges are intended to raise awareness, educate and motivate young people to change their behaviour and be active agents of change in their local communities. The challenge badge series can be used by teachers in school classes and by youth leaders, and especially Guide or Scout groups. This booklet includes basic background information on water, the water cy cle and how water sustains life, as well as outlining why humans need clean water and sanitation to stay healthy. The badge looks at the different factors which affect our water supply (such as over-use, pollution, natural hazards and climate change) and considers how water can be conserved and used more efficiently. Naturally, some of this material will be more appropriate for certain ages than others. Leaders should select the topics and level of detail most appropriate for their group. For example, you may wish to skip the more complicated issues with younger groups, but you will probably wish to conduct further research beyond the badge with older groups.The second part of the booklet contains the badge curriculum: a range of activities and ideas to stimulate learning and motivate children and young people to save water and engage in efforts to increase equitable access to clean water.
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    Water for Food Security and Nutrition
    A report by the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition, May 2015
    Water is key to food security and nutrition. However there are many challenges for water, food security and nutrition, now and in the future, in the wider context of the nexus between water, land, soils, energy and food, given the objectives of inclusive growth and sustainable development. In this context, in October 2013, the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) requested the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition (HLPE) to prepare a report on Water and Food Security, to f eed into CFS’s 42nd Plenary session in 2015. This report explores the relations between water and food security and nutrition, from household level to global level. It investigates these multiple linkages, in a context of competing demands, rising scarcities, and climate change. It explores ways for improved water management in agriculture and food systems, as well as ways for improved governance of water, for better food security and nutrition for all, now and in the future. The report is delib erately oriented towards action. It provides examples and options to be implemented by the many stakeholders and sectors involved, given regional and local specificities.

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