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    渔委会第三十二届会议于2016年7月11日至15日在意大利罗马举行。这是会议的一份报告,反映了所进行的讨论情况,并载有委员会所作的一切建议和决定 。 摘要介绍了会议成果的概要,附录中都列出了所有补充信息
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    ÓæҵίԱ»á ÓãƷóÒ×·ÖίԱ»áµÚÊ®Áù½ì»áÒ鱨¸æ 2017Äê9ÔÂ4¨C8ÈÕ£¬º«¹ú¸ªÉ½ 2018
    The Committee on Fisheries established the Sub-Committee on Fish Trade to serve as a multilateral framework for consultations on international trade in fishery products. The sixteenth session of the Sub-Committee was held in Busan, Republic of Korea, from 4 to 8 September 2017. The Sub-Committee took note of recent developments concerning international trade in fishery products. It also considered specific issues related to international trade and sustainable fisheries development, including: reduction of fish food loss and waste; Voluntary Guidelines for Catch Documentation Schemes (CDS); update on activities related to food quality, safety and market access; fish trade and the Convention on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora (CITES); and monitoring the implementation of article 11 of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries (CCRF). The Sub-Committee for the first time also addressed the following topics: social sustainability in fisheries value chains and the link to trade; the impact of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) on livelihoods, trade, food fish supply and consumption; and the impact of climate change on future fish supply, trade and consumption.
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    Book (series)
    ŲÍþ£­Á¸Å©×éÖ¯¹²ÏíÓãÀà×ÊÔ´¹ÜÀíר¼Ò´èÉ̻ᱨ¸æ¡£2002Äê10ÔÂ7-10ÈÕ£¬Å²Íþ±°¶û¸ù 2003
    The Norway-FAO Expert Consultation was held in recognition of the fact that the management of shared fishery resources remains one of the great challenges on the way towards achieving long-term sustainable fisheries. The Expert Consultation considered, in particular, the management of transboundary fish stocks and straddling fish stocks. It directed itself to the practical problems to be faced in the management of these resources within the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, the 1995 UN Fish Stocks Agreement and other relevant international instruments. As such, the Expert Consultation was not designed to prescribe solutions, but was rather designed to serve as a neutral forum in which options and their implications for management could be reviewed in a constructive manner.

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