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    Brochure, flyer, fact-sheet
    Good Agricultural Practices for Bananas 2017
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    Global G.A.P is a global standard aiming to ensure the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices in primary production. The fundamental objective of Global G.A.P is to promote safe and sustainable agricultural production worldwide, setting voluntary standards for the certification of agricultural products. It addresses issues such as food safety, environmental protection, safety, health and welfare of workers, and traceability. In 2014 Global G.A.P reported more than 139,000 certified produc ers in more than 118 countries, and more than 1600 auditors and inspectors working for 141 accredited certifiers . In the banana production case, the standard for fruits and vegetables is applied. This covers all stages of production, including pre-harvest, soil management and applications of plant protection products as well as the processes of post-harvest, packaging and storage. Under the standard of fruits and vegetables, in 2016, Global G.A.P reported more than 160,000 certified producers in 124 countries . In 2011, the area (ha) of certified bananas represented 9% of the total certified area across all open field crops, and approximately 6% of the total number of certified producers.
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    Strengthening human and animal health in Armenia - GCP/ARM/005/SWI 2017
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    Brucellosis is a widespread disease in Armenia and one that has a significant impact upon human and animal health, as well as the country’s economy and international trade capabilities. By producing and implementing a new National Brucellosis Control Strategy, the project aimed to reduce the effects of the disease upon animal and human health and strengthen the capacities of stakeholders (animal owners, veterinarians and government officials at all levels) to manage and eventually eradicate the disease.

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