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The outline and roadmap of the FAO Science and Innovation Strategy

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    The outline and roadmap of the “FAO Science and Innovation Strategy”
    Thirty-sixth Session of the FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC 36)
    Recent sessions of FAO Governing Bodies have underlined the importance of science and innovation. The 42nd Session of the FAO Conference emphasized the importance of science and innovation in all of FAO’s work. The 166th Session of the FAO Council approved the Terms of Reference for the International Platform for Digital Food and Agriculture. All Regional Conferences in 2020 included agenda items on innovation. The 27th Session of the Committee on Agriculture (2020) encouraged FAO to include smallholder farmers in a strategy for innovation. To rise to the challenge of harnessing the benefits of science and innovation, FAO’s Director-General requested the development of a targeted Strategy to provide guidance, coherence and alignment for impact at country level through better use of science and innovation. An informal consultation with Members was organized on 21 September 2021. This document presents the proposed outline and roadmap of the FAO Science and Innovation Strategy.
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