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Nature & Faune Volume 30, Numéro 2

Gestion durable des forêts et de la faune sauvage en Afrique : améliorer les valeurs, les avantages et les services

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    Nature & Faune journal, Volume 32, Issue 1
    Creating a forest landscape restoration movement in Africa: a call to heal planet Earth
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    This edition of Nature & Faune journal explores the science and innovations (technical, social and policy) that can support the achievement of the African dream of restoring 100 million hectares of its degraded land. Articles in this edition share experiences on challenges, opportunities and successful restoration, including farmer managed natural regeneration, improved management of smallholder woodlots, reforestation, evergreen agriculture with intercropped trees, and associated sustainable land management practices such as water harvesting and erosion control. Africa’s Great Green Wall is presented in this edition as a transformative model for rural communities’ sustainable development. In particular the lessons learned from the “Action Against Desertification” programme funded by the European Union and implemented by FAO with partner countries and organizations, are discussed, paving a way towards the implementation of African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative. Initiatives to address land degradation and desertification trends in Africa, promote sustainable land management, and restoration of degraded forests and landscapes include Africa’s Great Green Wall initiative, and 2016’s African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative – AFR100. Most of the articles dwelt on how efforts to this end are being pursued.
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    Nature & Faune Vol. 25, Issue 2
    Economic and social significance of forests for Africa¿s sustainable development
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    This issue examines the ¿Economic and social significance of forests for Africa¿s sustainable development¿. It addresses efforts of African nations to sustainably manage their forests. Authors share cases and experiences highlighting attempts made by forest and natural resource managers to develop innovative partnerships with new stakeholders outside the traditional forest sector. The present edition of Nature & Faune points out where to obtain information on the contribution of wildlife to nati onal economies. The regular feature Country Focus shines the spotlight on Lesotho. The special article features the socioeconomic value of forests in Rwanda where wood for fuel and other uses are harvested from planted forests, while natural forests are protected. On the menu are eleven other articles presenting diverse and rich views of the theme from Zambia, Gabon, South Africa, Nigeria, Cameroon and Ghana, as well as subregional perspectives from West and Central Africa. These articles and features are set within the context of International Year of the Forests 2011. Keywords: Non-wood forest products, entrepreneurship, forest-lands, socioeconomic contribution of forests, wildlife, renewable natural resources management in Africa
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    Leçons pour les interventions futures en vue de renforcer et étendre la gestion durable des terres
    Un guide pour les décideurs politiques sur les leçons et expériences du programme stratégique Terrafrique
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    The review was conducted with the aim to provide guidance for future engagement / investments, in particular in the context of recent AU declarations on agriculture and on land restoration by NEPAD, GEF, TerrAfrica, the Great Green Wall Initiative for the Sahel and Sahara (GGWISS), UN agencies and other donors. This paper provides an abridged summary of the findings for easier access by country policy / decision makers, agencies, development partners and donors, as a basis for informing future i nterventions for scaling- up sustainable land management (SLM).

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