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Governance and Tenure of Land and Natural Resources in Latin America

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    Governance of Land Tenure in Central America 2010
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    Land Tenure Working Paper 18. Presents the main themes that characterize the governance in land tenure and analyses the aspects related to the evolution of agricultural policy issues in various Central American countries. It also offers some examples and lessons learned from new models of land administration and land access mechanisms that Central American governments and International Cooperation have fostered over the past fifteen years in the Region. Available in Spanish
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    Governing Land For Women and Men: Gender and Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land and other Natural Resources 2011
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    Land Tenure Working Paper 19. The present paper is written as part of the overall Voluntary Guidelines consultation and development process and is a contribution to the subsequent preparation of the Gender Technical Guide. It contextualises and defines gender for the Voluntary Guidelines, discusses what governance of tenure means from a gender perspective and identifies and analyses key issues and themes. It then summarises recommendations relevant to gender before drawing some conclusions for t he development process of the Voluntary Guidelines.
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    Book (series)
    Responsible Governance of Land Tenure: an essential factor for the realization of the Right to Food
    Land Tenure Working Paper
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    Land Tenure Working Paper 15. This publication brings to light the existing linkages between land tenure and the realization of the right to food. It points out that responsible governance of land requires the adoption of human rights-based approach in order to develop coherent and long term solutions to improve people’s livelihoods. The document presents the legal implications of the right to food at national level and provides a series of examples on the implementation of human rights principl es and obligations into land tenure systems, policies, and institutional frameworks. Presented as a background document for the Latin America Regional Consultation Meeting for the elaboration of the Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance on Tenure of Land and Natural Resources, it aims to encourage discussion and further analysis on the issues presented.

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