The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2022 (SOCO 2022) was prepared by a multidisciplinary team of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) under the direction of Boubaker Ben-Belhassen, Director of FAO’s Markets and Trade Division, and George Rapsomanikis, Senior Economist and Editor of SOCO 2022. Overall guidance was provided by Máximo Torero Cullen, FAO Chief Economist, and by the management team of the Economic and Social Development Stream.

Research and Writing Team
The research and writing team at the FAO Markets and Trade Division was composed of: Andrea Zimmermann, Clarissa Roncato Baldin, Cosimo Avesani, Edona Dervisholli, George Rapsomanikis, Husam Attaallah and Małgorzata Karolina Kozłowska.

External Reviewers
The writing team received valuable comments from external reviewers, such as Carmel Cahill (former Deputy Director for Trade and Agriculture, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), Stefano Schiavo (University of Trento), Valeria Piñeiro (International Food Policy Research Institute [IFPRI]) and Yaghoob Jafari (University of Bonn).

Internal Reviewers
The writing team is grateful for the valuable comments received from the following reviewers: Aikaterini Kavallari, Andre Croppenstedt, Angélica Jácome Daza, Benjamin Davis, Bruno Cammaert, Caroline Merle, Davide del Prete, Ekaterina Krivonos, El Mamoun Amrouk, Emiliano Magrini, Ewald Rametsteiner, Gala Dahlet, Georgios Mermigkas, Guenter Hemrich, Jakob Rauschendorfer, Jamie Morrison, Jippe Hoogeveen, Lauren Phillips, Lourdes Orlando, Lynnette Neufeld, Marco Sánchez Cantillo, Máximo Torero Cullen, Monika Tothova, Nancy Aburto, Piero Conforti, Sergio René Araujo Enciso and Tomislav Ivancic.

The following authors contributed technical background papers for this report: Andrea Zimmermann (FAO), David Laborde (IFPRI), George Rapsomanikis (FAO), Helena Engemann (University of Bonn), Małgorzata Karolina Kozłowska (FAO and University of Warsaw), Stefano Schiavo (University of Trento), Valeria Piñeiro (IFPRI) and Yaghoob Jafari (University of Bonn).

Administrative Support
Angela Towey, Marika Panzironi, Martina Guerra and Valentina Banti provided administrative support.

Translations were delivered by the Language Branch (CSGL) of the FAO Governing Bodies Servicing (CSG).

The Publishing Group (OCCP) in FAO’s Office of Communications provided editorial support, design and layout, as well as production coordination and printing services for editions in all six official languages.

Confidential Data Access
FAO thanks the World Bank’s International Comparison Program (ICP) for providing access to the ICP 2017 food and agricultural products price database for use in the econometric modelling exercise.

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