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تقرير مشاورة الخبراء عن التفاعلات بين السلاحف البحرية ومصايد الأسماك في إطار النظام الإيكولوجي

Arabic version of: FAO. Report of the Expert Consultation on Interactions between Sea Turtles and Fisheries within an Ecosystem Context. Rome, Italy, 9-12 March 2004. FAO Fisheries Report. No. 738. Rome, FAO. 2004. 37p.

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    Book (series)
    Report of the Technical Consultation on Sea Turtles Conservation and Fisheries. Bangkok, 2005
    A Technical Consultation on Sea Turtles Conservation and Fisheries was convened by FAO and held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 29 November to 2 December 2004. The Consultation was attended by 28 Members of FAO and by observers from three intergovernmental and four international non-governmental organizations, as agreed at the twenty-fifth session of the Committee on Fisheries held in Rome, Italy, from 24 to 28 February 2003. The Technical Consultation addressed the major issues with rega rds to sea turtles conservation and fisheries with special emphasis on: (i) current status of sea turtles conservation and factors affecting the mortality of sea turtles; (ii) fishing gears and techniques to reduce sea turtle mortality; (iii) development of guidelines to reduce sea turtle mortality; (iv) assistance to members from developing countries for the conservation of sea turtles, and (v) future directions for global work on sea turtles conservation and fisheries. The Techni cal Consultation agreed on recommendations for FAO, for Regional Fishery Bodies and for Member States related to future work on sea turtle conservation and reduction of sea turtle mortality in fishing operations, to be submitted to the twenty-sixth session of the Committee on Fisheries.
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    Book (series)
    تقرير مشاورة الخبراء بشأن وضع خطوط توجيهية دولية للتوسيم الإيكولوجي للأسماك والمنتجات السمكية من مصايد الأسماك البحرية 2004
    The Expert Consultation on the Development of International Guidelines for Ecolabelling of Fish and Fishery Products from Marine Capture Fisheries was convened by FAO at the request of the twenty-fifth session of the Committee on Fisheries, Rome, 24–28 February 2003. Drawing upon various sources including relevant guides of the International Organization for Standardization, the expert consultation developed draft international guidelines encompassing principles, minimum substantive requirements, criteria and procedures for ecolabelling of fish and fishery products from marine capture fisheries. Minimum substantive requirements and criteria are set forth for assessing whether or not an ecolabel may be awarded to a fishery. Ecolabelling schemes may apply additional or more stringent requirements and criteria. Minimum substantive requirements are specified for each of three areas: management systems, target stocks and ecosystem considerations. For management syste ms, more specific criteria are also listed. The draft guidelines also address the three principal procedural and institutional matters that any ecolabelling scheme should encompass: (1) the setting of certification standards, (2) the accreditation of independent certifying bodies, and (3) the certification that a fishery and the product chain of custody are in conformity with the required standard and procedures.
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