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National Strategy for Sustainable Use and Development of Farm Animal Genetic Resources. Armenia

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    Breeding Strategies for Sustainable Management of Animal Genetic Resources 2010
    The Global Plan of Action for Animal Genetic Resources, adopted in 2007, is the first internationally agreed framework for the management of biodiversity in the livestock sector. It calls for the development of technical guidelines to support countries in their implementation efforts. Guidelines on the Preparation of national strategies and action plans for animal genetic resources were published by FAO in 2009 and are being complemented by a series of guideline publications addressi ng specific technical subjects. These guidelines on Breeding strategies for sustainable management of animal genetic resources address Strategic Priority Area 2 of the Global Plan of Action – "Sustainable use and development". They have been endorsed by the Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Genetic improvement is an essential component of the management of animal genetic resources and can make important contributions to food security and rural development. Yet, th e majority of developing countries have not been successful in sustaining breed development programmes. The objective of these guidelines is to help countries plan and develop effective genetic improvement programmes and to maximize the chances that such programmes will be sustained. They are intended for use by policy-makers and organizations involved in livestock development. They provide practical advice on how to identify livestock development objectives and strategies and define breeding objectives that are in line with them, match animal genetic resources to production systems and identify the most appropriate breeding scheme, initiate or improve straight-breeding or cross-breeding programmes and evaluate investment decisions.
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