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Organically Produced Foods

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    A practical manual for producers and exporters from Asia. Regulations, standards and certification for agricultural exports 2007
    Many producers and exporters feel that the market for certified agricultural products is very complex and that the opportunities and requirements associated with certification programmes are not always clear. In addition, producers do not always know if the requirements are compulsory or voluntary. To assist stakeholders from the private and public sectors, FAO set out to produce a publication series covering various regions in the world – this one covers Asia. The manual is aimed at producer or ganizations, trainers, extension agents and exporters. It describes the import regulations of the main export markets, and major private standards and voluntary certification programmes. The reader is provided with an easy-to-read guide on the main voluntary certification schemes, their importance, the differences between them as well as their advantages and limitations. In order to be able to export his or her products any producer or exporter must also conform with the regulations of importing countries. The manual therefore provides information concerning the main import regulations in the United States of America, the European Union, Japan and other selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Owing to the changing nature of regulations and the diversity of products and their characteristics, numerous Internet addresses have also been provided where up-to-date, detailed information can be found.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    Proceedings of the FAO-CityNet-AFMA Subregional Seminar
    Food Supply and Distribution to Cities
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