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kulukuluha, pili musika lumela kale kunga kabelo (4.Lozi)

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    kulukuluha, pili musika lumela kale kunga kabelo (3.Lozi) 2022
    The Sustainable Wildlife Management (SWM) Programme is the first international initiative to tackle the wild meat challenge by addressing both wildlife conservation and food security. Between 2018 and 2024, the SWM Programme implements field projects across 3 continents. The aim is to improve how wildlife hunting is regulated; increase the supply of sustainably produced meat products and farmed fish; strengthen the management capacities of indigenous and rural communities; reduce demand for wild meat, particularly in towns and cities. Before we begin any project, or major new activity in the project lifecycle, we first seek the Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) from the communities with whom we work. This poster is used by the local SWM field teams in their work with remote rural communities at all SWM sites to improve understanding and involvement in the SWM FPIC process. The SWM Programme is an Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States initiative, which is being funded by the European Union with co-funding from the French Facility for Global Environment and the French Development Agency. The SWM Programme is being implemented by a dynamic consortium of partners which includes FAO, the French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development (CIRAD), the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).
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