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Webinar #14: Opportunities of multistakeholder platforms for global avocado and pineapple value chains - 13 July 2023

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    Book (stand-alone)
    Resilience assessment of avocado and pineapple value chains 2023
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    Building resilience is important for agrifood systems – such as tropical fruit value chains – to prepare, withstand and adapt to a wide range of risks, including climate and non-climatic shocks and stresses. Resilience is also important to foster transformation of value chains, to both minimize the negative impacts of external risks on the supply chain and also to prevent new operational problems that could compromise the long-term viability of businesses. The FAO-led Building responsible global value chains for the sustainable production and trade of tropical fruits project conducted a comprehensive study during the last quarter of 2022 to identify the main resilience challenges that participants in the avocado and pineapple sectors are facing. The study also aimed to understand the capacities the actors from both value chains possess to prevent, anticipate, absorb, adapt and transform in view of future climate and socioeconomic risks. The report includes the main results from the study, which were validated by the project participants during a workshop held on 6 December 2022. The findings largely draw on literature review and consultations with some of the main actors from the global avocado and pineapple industries in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
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    Brochure, flyer, fact-sheet
    Creating an enabling environment for sustainable avocado and pineapple value chains - Opportunities for producing countries
    Technical brief, no. 8
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    While many actors contribute to shaping the enabling environment for avocado and pineapple production and trade, governments in producing countries hold a key role in creating conditions that enable and foster sustainability and resilience. This brief highlights non-exhaustive, generic measures that governments may consider when seeking to address challenges and promote the long-term sustainability of avocado and pineapple value chains. The examples presented serve as a benchmark for discussion and should be adapted to specific contexts and needs.

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