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    Brochure, flyer, fact-sheet
    《将生物多样性纳入营养相关政策、计划以及国家和区域行动计划主流工作自愿准则》。 宣传册 2016
    《准则》的宗旨是支持各国将生物多样性纳入所有相关政策、计划以及国 家和区域行动计划,以消除所有形式的营养不良,尤其是促进用作食物的动植物 品种和栽培变种,以及野生、被忽视和利用不足品种的知识、保护、开发和利 用,从而为健康和营养做出贡献。
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    Now more than ever, trees and forests are a vital component of healthy, livable, and sustainable communities around the globe. Urban forests help define a sense of place and well-being where people live, work, play, and learn. We invite your community to become part of the Tree Cities of the World programme, an international effort to recognize cities and towns committed to ensuring that urban forests and trees are properly maintained, sustainably managed, and duly celebrated. This is your opportunity to connect with cities around the world in a new network dedicated to sharing and adopting the most successful approaches to managing community trees and forests.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    森林以外树木 2005
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    Trees outside forests, together with forests and other woodlands, play an essential role in solving problems of rural and urban populations. They contribut to the structure of the landscape, generate numerous environmental and socialservices, and yield important food products for the people and for meeting other domestic needs. People, however, are not fully benefiting from these important roles, because trees outside forests are neither well perceived nor well documented, and receive little att ention in the formulation of national forestry policy and planning. This document is a product of important synthesis work and collaboration, and an attempt to fill in the gaps. It presents the concept and role of trees outside forests, analyses the problems and challenges, and outlines the path of thinking and action towards a better and more complete consideration of the resources amd their integration in territorial management policies.

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