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世界食料農業白書 2007年報告


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    Book (series)
    The State of Food and Agriculture 2007
    Paying farmers for environmental services
    The State of Food and Agriculture 2007 explores the potential for agriculture to provide enhanced levels of environmental services alongside the production of food and fibre. The report concludes that demand for environmental services from agriculture – including climate change mitigation, improved watershed management and biodiversity preservation – will increase in the future, but better incentives to farmers are needed if agriculture is to meet this demand. As one among several other possib le policy tools, payments to farmers for environmental services hold promise as a flexible approach to enhancing farmer incentives to sustain and improve the ecosystems on which we all depend.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    FAO/IPCC Expert meeting on land use, climate change and food security 2017
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    One hundred scientists, economists and policy experts participated in a three-day expert meeting (EM) to engage in a high-level, globally oriented, and multidisciplinary scoping of topics that climate change to land use and food security. The EM was structured around five themes: climate impacts and human-directed drivers of land change and linkages to food security; mitigation and adaptation options; and policies for resource management, smallholder resilience, mitigation and food and nutrition security. The present report offers a comprehensive synthesis of the EM findings and conclusions reflecting the collective view participants and external reviewers. The report is a valuable source for the IPCC above-mentioned Special Report, especially in relation to food security, as well to researchers and policy makers concerned with the policy implication of food security in relation to post-Paris climate action and Agenda 2030.
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    Info Note. Chanje Lavi Plantè in Haiti: Hillside soil conservation as a measure to increase yields and sequester carbon in Haiti
    CCAFS Info Note. November 2016
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    Analysis of the potential mitigation impacts of the agricultural development project Chanje Lavi Plantè in Haiti indicated that large amounts of carbon sequestration could be achieved through reforestation and perennial crop expansion. The project’s strategy for watershed and landscape restoration links investments in profitable orchard systems with hillside stabilization. Reforestation of watersheds (–478,828 tCO2e/yr) and perennial crop expansion (–230,854 tCO2e/yr), drive 98% of the project’s sizable climate change mitigation co-benefits that are foreseen under successful project implementation.

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