Many cooks – most of them amateur, some professional – have contributed recipes for this book. (Some recipes have been adapted.) Others, cooks or otherwise, have shared personal memories and cultural insights. A few of the contributors have been credited in the text; most have not. Their support and advice have been essential. We would like to thank them here:

Adeola Akinrinlola
Marcelo Barcellos
Tuğçe Basaran
Karisha Chakma
Francesco Di Bona
Fatimatou Diallo
Jamon Edwards
Dora Egri
Guzal Fayzieva

Izzat Feidi
Rosa Fonseca
Amy Collé Gaye
Sharine Gomez
Ani Grigoryan
Simeon Hall Jr.
Dejan Karapeev
Frances Kennedy

Alicia Lavia
Nara Lee
Jeanne Marion-Landais
Moseka Mokwa
Leshan Monrose
Valeria Navas Castillo
Mark Nelson
Vidyawatie Nidhansing
Emely Nyakumuse
Piotr Ogar
Hugo Podesta

Claudio Quiroz
Lina Pohl Alfaro
Mairam Sarieva
Henri Schoenmakers
Shara Seelall
Kyōko Shibuta
Alizèta Tapsoba
Juan Tinoco
Gustavo Vilner
Orisia Williams