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Socio-economic aspects of the Saudi Arabian fisheries in the Red Sea

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    Socio-economic aspects of the Saudi Arabian fisheries in the Red Sea 1980
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    The length of the Saudi Arabian coast on the Red Sea is about 1840 km. Information on fish landings varies due to the lack of regular and accurate statistical data. According to the author's estimation, Saudi fish landings are about 10 thousand tons/year. However, based on a preliminary estimate of the White Fish Authority, annual fish production can be increased by 17-24 thousand ton. The number of fishermen is about 3678 using 1226 motorized boats of different shapes and sizes. Due to the lack of an administrative body responsible for the organization and management of the fishery sector, contact and coordination between various fisheries activities is nonexistent. The main obstacles hampering fishing communities' development are shortage of ice, coupled with the fact that the available ice plants are in three main cities, lack of repair and maintenance facilities, non-availability of credit facilities and the poor organization of the fish marketing sector. It is believed that the or ganization of the fishermen into cooperative societies will help solve most of the problems that hinder the improvement of the socio-economic conditions of the fishermen. In the writer's view the submission of a model for a fishermen's cooperative, through the establishment of a Cooperative Fishery Centre (CFC) in Tuwal, is an acceptable concept to promote cooperative awareness among fishermen.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    السلامة في البحر لصغار الصيادين 2021
    يهدف هذا الدليل حول السلامة في البحر لصغار الصيادين إلى المساهمة في نشر ثقافة الوعي بالسلامة بين الصيادين، وتقليل عدد الحوادث وزيادة فرص النجاة في حالة وقوع الحوادث. يقدم الدليل إرشادات بشأن مسائل السلامة المتعلقة بالعمل على سفينة صيد صغيرة الحجم )على سبيل المثال السلامة من الحرائق، سلامة سطح السفينة، معدات الإنقاذ، الإضاءة والتهوية(، السلامة التي يتعين إجراؤها قبل رحلة الصيد، بالإضافة إلى إرشادات البقاء في البحر .الشخصية وسلامة الملاحة. ويضم هذا الدليل أيضًا الفحوصات والإجراءات

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