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渔获登记制度专家磋商会报告2015 年7 月21-24 日,罗马

粮农组织渔业和水产养殖报告第1120 号

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    Book (series)
    Доклад консультативного совещания экспертов по схемам документации улова (СДУ), Рим, Италия, 21–24 июля 2015 года
    ФАО Доклад по вопросам рыболовства и аквакультуры №1120
    Впоследствии ФАО, при поддержке Норвегии, провела 21–24 июля 2015 года в Риме Консультативное совещание экспертов по схемам документации улова. Целью Консультативного совещания была подготовка на основе вышеприведенных принципов руководства по схемам документации улова, которое должно быть принято на тридцать второй сессии КРХ при условии предварительного рассмотрения пятнадцатой сессией Подкомитета КРХ по торговле рыбой и в рамках процесса дальнейших технических консультаций, которые будут сочт ены целесообразными. Основным результатом Консультативного совещания явился проект руководящих принципов СДУ, прилагаемых к данному докладу в Приложении D. Текст разделен на девять разделов, которые отражают ту структуру, которая была сочтена наиболее подходящей для упорядочения содержания и обеспечения включения всех необходимых компонентов. По порядку, это следующие разделы: "Преамбула", "Предназначение и сфера применения", "Цель", "Определения", "Принципы", "Применение основных принципов", "О собые потребности развивающихся государств", "Рекомендуемые стандарты и функции СДУ" и "Требования к данным и их форматы".
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    Book (stand-alone)
    亚太区域渔业和水产养殖现状及潜力 2006 2009
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    The Asia-Pacific region currently produces almost 50 percent of the world’s fish from capture fisheries and over 90 percent from aquaculture, providing food security, revenue and employment to millions. The region is very diverse and considerable differences exist within and among the seas. However, despite this diversity there are also many common trends that will have a large impact on the future of fisheries and aquaculture in the region. One alarming trend is the rapid decline in the status of coastal fishery resources and ecosystems throughout the region. Using regional fishery data and information collated by FAO, this report provides a comprehensive picture of production trends of fisheries and aquaculture and reviews the current status of fisheries resources and aquaculture species and their contribution to national economies and food security. This is illustrated by a detailed view of subregions and aquaculture production by species groups. The report also elaborates on two em erging issues that require close attention to ensure sustainable development of the sector illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and food safety and trade in fisheries and aquaculture.
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    Book (series)
    Dams, fish and fisheries (chinese version)
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    The four papers presented in this publication address major fishery issues in relation to dams as identified by the World Commission on dams (WCD) and FAO for the purpose of WCD? global reviews on ?ams and Development? Characteristics of river and reservoir fisheries in various regions of the world are reviewed. Production figures for reservoirs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as for the Commonwealth of Independent States, are mentioned . Also fish production figures fo r large rivers are provided, emphasizing the importance of floodplains for fish production. A non-exhaustive review of the current status of the use of fish facilities at dams throughout the world is presented, with the main target species considered from North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Asia. Fisheries management capacity and information base requirements are reviewed for the six phases of the dam project cycle, i.e. dam identification, dam design, dam project appraisal, dam construction, dam operation and dam decommissioning. Effective environmental assessment and management coupled with improvements in design of civil engineering structures has made some recent dam projects more fish friendly and environmentally acceptable. The need for drafting legal instruments, which will facilitate modification of dam structures to incorporate mitigation measures and help altering dam operation rules to be more beneficial to fish biodiversity and fi sheries, is emphasized.

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