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    Report of the 2nd Preparatory Meeting for the Global Forum of Food Safety Regulators 2001
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    Discussion Groups and topics - The Meeting agreed that the first Global Forum will be held over a three day period during October 2001, with plenary sessions as well as four Discussion Groups. The Meeting had agreed on a Central Theme for the first Global Forum, this being, "Improvement of efficiency and transparency in food safety systems - sharing experiences". Four broad topics of interest were agreed upon to be considered by the Discussion Groups in the context of the Central Theme. These we re: Regulatory issues; Risk management; Capacity building; and Communication and participation. Following discussions and agreement by the Meeting, the secretariat prepared a summary document outlining the Discussion Groups, their assigned topic areas, a general statement of the proposed scope of each topic and a brief list of possible items to consider within each topic, in approximate priority order. This document is attached as Annex 5.
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    Sharing information on national experiences in the general field of risk management 2002
    The subject of risk management is a broad one; the discussion group on "Sharing information on national experiences in the general field of risk management" is to discuss two specific topics in detail: "Reduction in foodborne hazards, including microbiological and others, with emphasis on emerging hazards" and "Integrated approaches to the management of food safety throughout the food chain". I would like to go beyond that in introducing the discussion group debates by touching on the various as pects of this subject and the ways in which risk managers and policy makers can approach it.
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    Note d'information 2002
    L'objectif premier du Forum est de permettre un échange d'information et de données d'expérience. Il a pour thème principal «Améliorer l'efficience et la transparence des systèmes de sécurité sanitaire des aliments - échange de données d'expérience». Les débats organisés autour de quatre thèmes de sécurité sanitaire des aliments dans le cadre de ce thème général: Questions de réglementation, Gestion des risques, Renforcement des capacités, Communication et participation

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