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食べものはいのち Save Food ‐食べもののムダをなくそう‐

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    Food is Life: Save Food 2012
    This booklet is aimed at educating children on food, its benefits and how it is produced.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    DO GOOD: SAVE FOOD! Education material on food waste reduction for primary and secondary schools. For age group 1 (five to seven years old) 2018
    “Do Good: Save Food!” is an education package designed for that purpose. This education package is the output of a comprehensive, scientific and inclusive development process that involved the input of both public and private sector stakeholders. It responds to the growing public demand for information on the causes of and solutions to addressing food waste and seeks to engage children in the global endeavour to reduce food waste and alleviate its associated economic, environmental and social impacts.
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    Brochure, flyer, fact-sheet
    Do Good: Save Food!
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    This promotional leaflet was developed to facilitate distribution of the "Do Good: Save Food!" education package. Children are the next generation of adults that will shape the future of food systems. Investing in the education will help to create a culture of change required to stem the waste and loss problem now and in time to come. The education material package is targeted to primary and secondary school students and intends to change their behaviours by: 1. Promoting awareness regarding the economic, social and environmental consequences of food waste 2. Highlighting actions and habits they can take to reduce their own food waste and engage their friends and families. The education package is also structured to enable teachers and counselors to select those activities that best match the needs, abilities and interests of the students while also conforming to time and resource constraints.

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