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《2016年世界渔业和水产养殖状况》 — 宣传单


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    Book (series)
    作为生计、营养食品和经济机遇的重要来源,渔业和水 产养殖部门能够发挥关键作用,应对世界最严峻的挑战之一, 即到2050年养活即将达到96亿的全球人口。本期《世界渔业 和水产养殖状况》介绍水产养殖在数量增加和质量改进两方 面如何保持其显著增长。然而,为满足不断壮大的人口规模 所带来的日益增长的需求,整个部门需要在气候变化、自然 资源竞争日益激烈和利益冲突背景下可持续地提高产量并减 少浪费。科学、技术和治理的进步以及全球认识和承诺的加 强,均有助于实现负责任和可持续水生资源利用的目标。为 推动增加鱼和渔产品供应,采取生态系统方法且保障社会权 利的创新方法旨在保护宝贵资源,造福今世后代。 本文件利用渔业和水产养殖方面的现有最新统计数据, 对该部门的全球状况和趋势做出分析。本文件还探讨了更广 泛的相关问题,如鲨鱼养护与管理、小规模渔业收获后损失 以及有利于鱼类的内陆水资源管理等。部分要点针对权属治 理和渔业副产品利用等具体主题提出了见解。本文件最后探 讨了满足未来鱼类需求的展望和方法。
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    Book (series)
    Dams, fish and fisheries (chinese version)
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    The four papers presented in this publication address major fishery issues in relation to dams as identified by the World Commission on dams (WCD) and FAO for the purpose of WCD? global reviews on ?ams and Development? Characteristics of river and reservoir fisheries in various regions of the world are reviewed. Production figures for reservoirs in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as for the Commonwealth of Independent States, are mentioned . Also fish production figures fo r large rivers are provided, emphasizing the importance of floodplains for fish production. A non-exhaustive review of the current status of the use of fish facilities at dams throughout the world is presented, with the main target species considered from North America, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Asia. Fisheries management capacity and information base requirements are reviewed for the six phases of the dam project cycle, i.e. dam identification, dam design, dam project appraisal, dam construction, dam operation and dam decommissioning. Effective environmental assessment and management coupled with improvements in design of civil engineering structures has made some recent dam projects more fish friendly and environmentally acceptable. The need for drafting legal instruments, which will facilitate modification of dam structures to incorporate mitigation measures and help altering dam operation rules to be more beneficial to fish biodiversity and fi sheries, is emphasized.

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