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为政府、公司、非政府组织、当地居民和地方社区 就征地问题提供实际指导

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    Book (stand-alone)
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    Book (stand-alone)
    粮农组织土地权属研究 9
    This guide is written for people who work in land administration and all those with an interest in land, land tenure and their governance. Although much has been written about the importance of good governance in achieving development goals, there is comparatively little material on good governance in land tenure and administration. Failings in governance have adverse consequences for society as a whole. By contrast, good governance can help achieve economic development and the reduc tion of poverty. Good governance matters.
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    Book (series)
    权属治理自愿准则 概 览 2012
    本指南从国家粮食安全的角度,简要介绍了《国家粮食安全范围内土地、渔业及森林权属负责任治理自愿准则》。它论述了《准则》的性质、目的、内容和预期用户。本指南解释了权属的含义,介绍了改善权属治理在消除饥饿与贫困和 可持续利用自然资源方面的作用。

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