AARRAverage annual rate of reduction

ACT-NMUNICEF-USAID-WHO Agile Core Team for Nutrition Monitoring

ADERAverage dietary energy requirement

AoAAgreement on Agriculture

BMIBody mass index

CGEComputable general equilibrium

CoAHDCost and affordability of a healthy diet

CPIConsumer price index

CV Coefficient of variation

CV|rCV due to energy requirements

CV|yCV due to income

DECDietary energy consumption

DESDietary energy supply

FAOFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

FBDGsFood-based dietary guidelines

FBSFood Balance Sheets

FIESFood Insecurity Experience Scale

FImod+sevPrevalence of moderate or severe food insecurity

FIsevPrevalence of severe food insecurity

GDPGross domestic product

GHGGreenhouse gas

GSSGeneral services support

GWPGallup World Poll

HICsHigh-income countries

ICN2Second International Conference on Nutrition

ICPWorld Bank International Comparison Programme

IDBInter-American Development Bank

IFADInternational Fund for Agricultural Development

IFPRIInternational Food Policy Research Institute

IMFInternational Monetary Fund

JMEJoint Malnutrition Estimates

LDCsLeast developed countries

LICsLow-income countries

LMICsLower-middle-income countries

MDERMinimum dietary energy requirement

MICsMiddle-income countries

MIRAGRODEPModelling International Relations under Applied General Equilibrium

NCDNon-communicable disease

NoUNumber of undernourished people

NRANominal rate of assistance

NRPNominal rate of protection

NTMsNon-tariff measures

OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

PIPPoverty and Inequality Platform

PoUPrevalence of undernourishment

PPPPurchasing power parity

R&DResearch and development

SDStandard deviation

SDGsSustainable Development Goals

SMEsSmall- and medium-sized enterprises

SPSSanitary and phytosanitary measures

SUNScaling Up Nutrition Movement

TBTTechnical barriers to trade

TFATransfatty acids

UMICsUpper-middle-income countries

UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme

UNEPUnited Nations Environment Programme

UNICEFUnited Nations Children's Fund

USDUnited States dollar

VATValue-added tax

WFPWorld Food Programme

WHAWorld Health Assembly

WHOWorld Health Organization

WTOWorld Trade Organization

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