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    采用农业生态方法及其它创新方法, 打造有助于加强粮食安全和营养的 可持续农业和粮食系统 2019
    The Nepal Country Programming Framework (CPF) sets out three priority areas of the Government of Nepal (GoN) to guide FAO’s partnership and support, bringing together innovative international best practices and global standards with national and regional expertise. It aims at supporting the government efforts towards addressing sustainable and competitive agricultural production for poverty reduction and eradication of hunger and malnutrition; resilient natural resource management and agricultural production system; and inclusive and gender responsive livelihoods enhancement. The CPF outlines the key priority areas of FAO technical assistance support to and partnership with the Government of Nepal in period of five years from 2018 to 2022. The formulation process of this CPF (2018-2022) involved a wide range of consultations among national stakeholders including line ministries of the Government of Nepal, civil society, private sector, development partners and relevant United Nations agencies including the Rome based agencies (RBAs) . It also brought together technical inputs of FAO staff in both FAO Headquarters in Rome and the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific in Bangkok. This CPF document does not prescribe a rigid framework; rather, it can be revisited and adjusted when required according to the changes in government priorities during the period.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    全球饥饿人数在减少,但仍 处于令人难以接受的高位 2010
    饥饿人数已减少,但依然处在令人无法接受的高位; 尽管人数间少,但是实现诸如千年发展目标1减少世界饥饿目标的能力依然面临风险; 各国政府应当鼓励增加农业投资,扩大安全网络并扶持城乡穷人的创收活动
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    Book (series)
    饲料工业良好规范手册 执行食品法典良好动物饲养规范准则 2012
    本手册提供了最新全面的信息和实用性指导意见,帮助饲料生产者和饲 料生产与分销链中所有利益相关者遵守针对食品法典的已经生效或即将 生效的法规框架。本法典的应用为拓展饲料产品以及动物源性食品的国 际贸易迈出了重要一步。每个国家,无论是食品进口国还是出口国,都 将从促进安全食品贸易更上一个台阶中获益。 本手册可为饲料厂管理人员和整个饲料行业提供指导。 它也对从事饲料检验、饲料安全监管的人员具有价值。本手册针对发展 中国家和新兴经济体中商业饲料工业和农场饲料混合者,并在无处不在 的大型零售商越来越多地参与下,尽最大努力满足出口和国内市场对质 量和安全不断增长的需要。

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