The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022 was prepared under the overall direction of Manuel Barange and an editorial board under his leadership, comprising Lahsen Ababouch, Vera Agostini, Marcio Castro de Souza, Ruth Duffy, Eszter Hidas, Alessandro Lovatelli, Ana Menezes, Rebecca Metzner, Marc Taconet, Gilles van der Walle, Stefania Vannuccini and Kiran Viparthi.

Authorship of each section was led and coordinated by a different editorial board member. The production process was overseen by Marc Taconet with support from Lahsen Ababouch (technical editing), Emmanuel Blondel (map production), Ruth Duffy (language editing and project management) assisted by Marianne Guyonnet (liaison), and Kiran Viparthi (informatics).

Main authors (all affiliated with FAO, unless otherwise stated) were:

Global fisheries and aquaculture at a glance: Lahsen Ababouch (lead author) and Stefania Vannuccini
Total fisheries and aquaculture production: Stefania Vannuccini (lead author)
Capture fisheries production: James Geehan (lead author)
Aquaculture production: Xiaowei Zhou (lead author)
The status of fishery resources: Yimin Ye (lead author, Marine), John Valbo-Jørgensen (lead author, Inland), Tarub Bahri, Pedro Barros, Nicolas Gutierrez, Rishi Sharma, Merete Tandstad, Marcelo Vasconcellos, Simon Funge-Smith, Abigail Lynch, Gretchen Stokes, Samuel Smidt and Jesse Wong (United States Geological Survey and University of Florida)
Fishing fleet: Jennifer Gee (lead author), Pierre Maudoux and Raymon van Anrooy
Employment in fisheries and aquaculture: Jennifer Gee (lead author) and Pierre Maudoux
Utilization and processing of fisheries and aquaculture production: Stefania Vannuccini (lead author), Ansen Ward, Omar Riego Peñarubia, Jogeir Toppe and Molly Ahern
Consumption of aquatic foods: Adrienne Egger (lead author) and Molly Ahern
Trade of fisheries and aquaculture products: Adrienne Egger (lead author) and Felix Dent

Blue Transformation: a vision for transforming aquatic food systems: Manuel Barange (lead author) and Carlos Fuentevilla

Intensifying and expanding sustainable aquaculture production (coordinator Alessandro Lovatelli):
Objectives and targets: Xinhua Yuan (lead author), Alessandro Lovatelli and Simon Funge-Smith
Better production systems: Xinhua Yuan (lead author), Alessandro Lovatelli, Daniela Lucente, Kwang Suk Oh, Graham Mair and Melba Reantaso
Good governance for aquaculture expansion: Ana Menezes (lead author), Pierre Murekezi and Nathanael Hishamunda
Aquaculture investments for Blue Transformation: Junning Cai (lead author), Raymon van Anrooy, Nicole Franz, Nathanael Hishamunda, Alessandro Lovatelli and Neil Sims (CEO, Ocean Era Inc., Hawaii)
Aquaculture innovative practices: Xinhua Yuan (lead author) and Alessandro Lovatelli
Capacity development, research and partnerships in aquaculture: Ana Menezes (lead author), Xinhua Yuan and Martinus Van der Knaap

Improving fisheries management (coordinators Rebecca Metzner and Eszter Hidas):
Objectives and targets: Rebecca Metzner (lead author), Nicolas Gutierrez and John Valbo-Jørgensen
Better governance and policy reform: Terje Lobach (lead author), Piero Mannini, Giuliano Carrara and Kristín von Kistowski
Better management and production: Pedro Barros (lead author), Rebecca Metzner, John Valbo-Jørgensen, Felix Martinn, Alicia Mosteiro, Nicolas Gutierrez and Yimin Ye
Best practices, innovations and technologies for improving fisheries management: José Antonio Acuña Barros (lead author), Kim Stobberup, Raymon van Anrooy, Kristín von Kistowski, Javier Villanueva García-Benítez and Nicole Franz
Better lives: Social protection and decent work: Daniela Kalikoski (lead author), Birgitte Krogh-Poulsen, Uwe Barg, Daniella Salazar Herrera, Mariana Toussaint and Nicole Franz
Supporting fisheries management in data- and capacity-limited regions: Nicola Gutierrez (lead author), Simon Funge-Smith and Stefania Vannuccini

Innovating fisheries and aquaculture value chains (coordinators Marcio Castro de Souza and Gilles van de Walle):
Competitive value chains: Marcio Castro de Souza (lead author), Weiwei Wang, William Griffin, Nianjun Shen, Ansen Ward, Omar Riego Peñarubia, John Ryder, Esther Garrido Gamarro, Gilles van de Walle, Jogeir Toppe and Dimitar Taskov
Transparent and responsible value chains: Nianjun Shen (lead author), Nada Bougouss, Dimitar Taskov, Shelley Clarke, Eszter Hidas, Audun Lem, John Ryder, Marcio Castro de Souza and Mariana Toussaint
Integrated and resilient value chains: Nianjun Shen (lead author), José Aguilar-Manjarrez, John Ryder, Marcio Castro de Souza, Weiwei Wang, William Griffin, Jogeir Toppe and Molly Ahern

The International Year of Artisanal Fisheries and Aquaculture 2022 (coordinator Rebecca Metzner):
The purpose of the International Year: Nicole Franz (lead author), Lena Westlund and Alessandro Lovatelli
The IYAFA 2022 Global Action Plan: seven pillars contributing to achieving the SDGs: Nicole Franz (lead author), Molly Ahern, Jennifer Gee, Daniela Kalikoski, Alessandro Lovatelli, Graham Mair, Florence Poulain, Lena Westlund and Xinhua Yuan
Illuminating Hidden Harvests: the contributions of small-scale fisheries to sustainable development: Nicole Franz (lead author) and Lena Westlund
Small-scale fisheries and aquaculture: contributing to food systems and nutrition security: Molly Ahern (lead author)
Partnerships to advance the implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries: Lena Westlund (lead author) and Nicole Franz

Decade of Action to deliver the Global Goals (coordinator Marc Taconet):
The Sustainable Development Goals and fisheries and aquaculture: Audun Lem (lead author), Marc Taconet, Graham Mair, Diana Fernandez Reguera, Michael Griffin, Kim Friedman and Daniela Lucente
SDG Indicator 14.4.1 – quantifying fish stocks within biologically sustainable levels: Marc Taconet (lead author), Yimin Ye, Nicolas Gutierrez, Rishi Sharma and Anne-Elise Nieblas
SDG Indicator 14.6.1 – assessing degree of implementation of international instruments to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing: Piero Mannini (lead author) and Giuliano Carrara
SDG Indicator 14.7.1 – measuring sustainable fisheries contributions to national economies: Marcio Castro de Souza (lead author), Weiwei Wang and Michael Griffin
SDG Indicator 14.b.1 – assessing degree of recognition and protection of access rights for small-scale fisheries: Nicole Franz (lead author), Stefania Savore and Giuliano Carrara

United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021–2030) (coordinator Vera Agostini):
Science opportunities for fisheries and aquaculture management: Diana Fernandez Reguera (lead author), Vera Agostini, Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted (Global Lead, Nutrition and Public Health, WorldFish, CGIAR, author of Box 24), Kim Friedman and Rishi Sharma
What is the Ocean Decade?: Joseph Zelasney (lead author), Merete Tandstad, Anton Ellenbroek, Marc Taconet and Vera Agostini
FAO and the Decade Actions: Joseph Zelasney (lead author), Merete Tandstad, Marc Taconet, Anton Ellenbroek, Vera Agostini and Nelson Rosas Ribeiro Filho

United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (coordinator Eszter Hidas):
Fisheries and aquaculture and the FAO–UNEP-led Decade on Ecosystem Restoration: Kim Friedman (lead author), Diana Fernandez Reguera and Vera Agostini
Fisheries and aquaculture and the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework: Kim Friedman (lead author), Vera Agostini and Amber Himes-Cornell
Recovery actions for vulnerable species and habitats: Kim Friedman, Amber Himes-Cornell, Merete Tandstad, Anthony Thompson, John Valbo-Jørgensen and David Coates
Optimizing sustainable biodiversity use, including mitigating ecosystem impacts, through technology and innovation: Graham Mair, Johnathan Lansley and Amparo Perez Roda

COVID-19, a crisis like no other: Florence Poulain (lead author), José Estors Carballo, Lionel Dabbadie, Alejandro Flores, Jennifer Gee, Kathrin Hett, Robert Lee, Daniela Kalikoski, Jon Lansley, Felix Marttin, Daniella Salazar Herrera, Jessica Sanders, Susana Siar and Martinus Van der Knaap
Fisheries and aquaculture adaptations to climate change: Xuechan Ma (lead author), Tarub Bahri, José Aguilar-Manjarrez, Diana Fernandez Reguera, Yacoub Issola (UNEP/Abidjan Convention), Florence Poulain and Fatou Sock
Advancing towards gender equality in fisheries and aquaculture: Jennifer Gee (lead author), Roxane Misk, Maria Grazie Cantarella, Matteo Luzzi and Omar Riego Peñarubia
Fisheries and aquaculture projections: Stefania Vannuccini (lead author) and Manuel Barange

The publication also benefited from external review by Malcolm Beveridge (Faskally, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland), Mark Dickey-Collas (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea, Denmark) and Doris Soto (Interdisciplinary Center for Aquaculture Research, Chile). They are acknowledged for their significant contributions. The report was reviewed internally by Vera Agostini, Manuel Barange and the editorial board, as well as by colleagues in other technical divisions of FAO beyond the Fisheries and Aquaculture Division.

Translations were delivered by the Language Branch (CSGL) of the FAO Governing Bodies Servicing Division (CSG).

The Publications Branch (OCCP) in FAO’s Office of Communications (OCC) provided editorial support, design and layout, as well as production coordination, for editions in all six official languages.

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