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    世界食料農業白書2009年報告 2010
    The livestock sector is transforming rapidly in response to shifts in the global economy and changing societal expectations. Society expects the livestock sector to provide safe and plentiful food and fibre for growing urban populations, livelihoods for more than a billion poor producers and traders as well as global public goods related to food security, environmental sustainability and animal-borne diseases. However, the rapid pace of change has led to unbalanced growth of the sector. This has manifested itself in a widening dichotomy within the sector in terms of the scale, intensity and efficiency of production and in unforeseen social, nutritional, animal health and environmental implications. These changes and the speed with which they are occurring have created systemic risks for livelihoods, human and animal health and the environment. To meet the challenges and constraints of the twenty-first century, the livestock sector requires appropriate in stitutions, research, development interventions and governance that reflect the diversity within the sector and the multiple demands placed upon it.
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    Book (stand-alone)
    「栄養に配慮した農業・フードシステムとは - 実践 のためオプション」は、 現在必要とされ ている フードシステム アプローチを基にした実践オプション 、効果を最大にする具体的なエント リーポイントを提供する。本書は、事業企画者や政策立案者のためガイダンスであり、農業・フードシステムにおける栄養改善を推進するための FAOツールキット(プログラム策定のためのチェックリスト、ガイダンス、栄養に配慮した農業のための指標)の一部である。
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