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Nutritional benefits of pulses

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    Health benefits of Pulses 2021
    Diet is an important contributor to health, and to disease. Most countries face nutritional problems, from undernutrition and micronutrient deficiencies to obesity and diet-related diseases (such as type II diabetes and certain types of cancer), or a mix of these.
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    (Infographic) Pulses: Surprising facts about pulses you might not know 2021
    Although world pulses production has increased by over 20 percent in the past 10 years, consumption has seen a slow but steady decline in both developed and developing countries in the same period. This may be partially due to an inability for pulses production to keep pace with a growing population, as well as shifting diets in many countries. They key objectives of the year include raising awareness about the benefits of pulses, fostering research, addressing the challenges in the trade of pul ses and advocating for better utilization of pulses in crop rotations. Pulses are good for you, beneficial to farmers' livelihoods and have a positive impact on the environment. It is clear that even though dried beans, lentils and peas have been around for centuries, they will play a fundamental role in our sustainable future.
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    Pulses contribute to Food Security 2021
    Pulses are an affordable source of protein and minerals for a large proportion of rural populations in the world. They have a long shelf life, which means they can be stored for long periods without losing their nutritional value.

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